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Sorry for my English. It has been integrated into the Firefox Developer Tools. I have noticed a substantial slowdown in Firefox after this release.

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It works fine at first, but as the day goes on sites become slower and slower to the point of it being unusable. I have to end the process and restart firefox, rinse, repeat. One thing for sure: nothing is leaking on our end. Note that performance should generally improve with Firefox At the end of those 6 months, ABP 3.?

You are free to download Adblock Plus 2.

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Adblock plus does not work when it allows outbrain, taboola and zergnet. I have rolled back to 2. Adam A. Dang, I liked the middle-click-to-toggle toolbar button ABP had in the legacy version. I am willing to give the extension a transition period to work out the kinks hopefully this is one of them. This is coming from someone who has done all the work updating an addon from legacy to multiprocess a much smaller addon mind you, and I used my chrome version as a base like I believe you have done.

Thanks for the update! I wish others would bother reading before complaining, and want to feed you to the reptiles for trying to help us…. Allow me to suggest to place it centred over the active browser window. Suggestion: It would be useful for new users if the pop up somehow contained link to info that Asterisk can be used as wild-card in the filter pattern.

I found another issue. Nice one, I can reproduce. I have a fix for it ready, it should land in the development builds soon. And thank you for all your work in bringing ABP up to the new browser requirements with version 3!

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I miss the old adblock plus menu in Firefox. It only looks nice but no helpful. Where is blockable item list? As already mentioned in replies to comments above, blockable items are now integrated into Firefox Developer Tools.

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As to the element selection, we would like to integrate parts of Element Hiding Helper functionality in future, usability can certainly improve here. The only way is clicking on something, then it will open a new tab instead of a pop-up as the old version does.

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So, apperently this new version either does not block any ads that arent in my personal list or has absolutely no idea what unobtrusive advertisement mean something that wasnt a problem in older version. I hope this will be addressed eventually, but unless that is soon ill have to find another blocking extension.

Heck, the native dev-tools may end up easier especially given that the block element popup doesnt have any of easy selections anymore and is only the custom option from before, but in a worse UI. I see. The bad news: there is nothing we can do about this while using the Web Extensions framework which is not optional if you read the first link in this announcement. The good news: Tab Mix Plus is a legacy add-on which will stop working in Firefox 57 anyway.

Having looked into the Tab Mix Plus source code a while ago, this is really good news for the stability of your browser. I can only close that tab.

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And another screenshots that have clicked area has a transparent red fill. The way 2. You see the website I go to runs all user added images through an image server and changes the address for each time the image is loaded.

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Please make the next version of ABP more useful and bring back some of those functions. I open my in-progress, home page, hand coded, and my own footer with text links to my own social networks, no longer was displaying. It is not helpful to add a list that has such unintended consequences. No, just no. Would be nice if there was an explanation that this is a major functional downgrade. That it is caused by the major functional downgrade with Firefox That you can keep functionality by not upgrading firefox or re-downloading firefox 56 and how to downgrade Adblock plus to a full featured version.

There is really no reason to keep using Firefox and ABP after this upgrade. This is regarding comment 22 and the errors I mentioned. I just discovered that I still have v. All of the example. So if something happened during the v. It is only after I upgraded to v.

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Any chance of bringing this back? I already forwarded that feedback to UX, they are considering comparable functionality. Nearly all previous functionality is missing from this add-on. Is this going to be fixed? Are we going to be able to block individual elements again? Build our own filter lists? Differentiate between blocked and whitelisted items previously color coded? Will we be able to whitelist single pages via a single click or will we continue to have to copy the URL and go into the settings to whitelist a single page?

Just in case: the Blockable items list is now integrated in Developer Tools. This is going to improve, definitely. Thanks to all of you for this useful program. Adblock plus 3. If you want to revert back to the previous version 2. I assume that one of your settings is breaking Adblock Plus and likely most other extensions compatible with Firefox 57 — sounds like you have a rather unusual configuration. I am finding the absence of the list of blockable items a rather large limitation. Reloading the page is often not a workable option.

Reply from Wladimir Palant: I assume that one of your settings is breaking Adblock Plus and likely most other extensions compatible with Firefox 57 — sounds like you have a rather unusual configuration. Firefox is the actual problem because with every update it gets worse and 57 is the worst of all. Ive been using Ad block plus and element hider helper as well;l as many other add ons and Ad block plus is just not compatible with Mozilla firefox 57, its vile, functionalities have been removed and the options are horrible as well as confusing, cannot hide elements i just dont like the update, reverted back to Ad block Plus 2.