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Install Mods and Custom Content in The Sims 4 (Tutorial)

Important Parts of the Launcher. Sometimes the big blue Play button on the Launcher will be greyed out. This is usually because your computer believes that The Sims 3 is already running.

Be sure that you are not already running the game, and be sure that it has no stray processes still running. The Launcher relies on a number of applications each of which must be kept up to date. Sometimes it will go along just fine with older versions of this software, but other times it will refuse to load, start then cause a black screen, or just give you vague error messages. If you're seeing this, be sure the following are up to date. Internet Explorer.

Program Details

Sometimes a glitch in install causes problems and so the game cannot move from Launcher to Game correctly. In this case, manually running the secondary installers required by this game can help. Shut down Steam. Go to your Steam Sims 3 installation folder. Inside the Install folder: Locate the VP6 folder and run vp6install.

Locate the DirectX folder and run dxsetup. Locate the dot net folder and run dotnetfx. A number of files are stored inside your computer's Documents directory, and sometimes they can come into conflict with the game or the launcher due to glitches. In removing the files, you force your game to re-generate fresh ones that, hopefully, do not have the same problems the old ones had. If you're having trouble with your launcher after completing step 2.

Inside it, find the folder for The Sims 3 , and open it.

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Locate the DCCache folder, and, inside it, delete missingdeps. Locate the SavedSims folder you may not always have one , and inside it, remove the file named downloadedsims. Locate the Downloads folder, and inside it remove any. Locate the SigsCache folder, and inside it remove any. If you are using Windows 8.

Net disabled without realizing it. For Windows 8. If you have at some point uninstalled then reinstalled the Sims, you might start to have launcher issues. The most common problem seen will be a message that "There was an error during start-up. The easiest fix is to use a program called CCleaner. Download CCleaner [www.

Back up your Registry. Run CCleaner. Click the "Scan for Issues" button. Restart your computer. After doing this, head to step 2. I've heard that recent security updates to Windows 10 for Flash have caused the Launcher to start crashing. This may eventually apply to other versions of Windows too, but I've not yet experienced it. Open Settings the gear icon. Locate the setting for "Safety".

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There, find the setting for "ActiveX Filtering" and ensure it's ticked. This seems to have become more important for Windows 10 users with recent Windows updates. First, locate your launcher executable. Look for a file named Sims3LauncherW. Right-click that file and choose Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab.

Tick the box to run the game as an administrator, then close the Properties. If this solves your launcher issue, odds are that you will also need the game itself to have the same setting. You can find the game executable in the same directory, and it will be named ts3w. This one sounds odd, I know, but to log in through the game launcher, you must have "normal" English keyboard characters.

That means that the English alphabet is fine, as are the shift characters such as! While playing the game, it can lag or freeze, crash, or go to a black screen. There are many reasons this can happen, so this guide starts with some of the most common issues, and works down to a few of the less common ones. Please work through them in order and test after each section to see if your problem is solved. A lot of times we forget to update our video drivers until something goes wrong, and even then, it's probably not one of the first things we think of.

Nevertheless, old and outdated video drivers can cause a lot of problems and glitches in the game.

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Step 1: Identify Your Video Card. It might go without saying but This includes browsers, iTunes, Media Player, Netflix, and so on.

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Make sure nothing else is running, then see if your game performance improves. A good way to look for stuff that's running and using your resources without your knowing about it is PC Decrapifier [pcdecrapifier. Also, be sure to keep your anti-virus software is up to date and check that your computer is not infected with viruses, trojans, adware, and the like.

Malware will interfere with how your computer performs overall, and can interfere with the game drastically. A good, free malware detector is Malwarebytes [www. A good, free piece of antivirus software is Avast [www. Finally, while running the game itself, it's wise to put your antivirus into "silent" or "gaming mode" so that it does not interfere with the game. Using Steam itself, you can validate some of your files and ensure they aren't corrupt or missing! This can actually take a while, so be prepared.

If it responds that game files are missing but it doesn't manage to get them, then exit Steam, restart your computer, re-start Steam. Make sure Steam is in Online Mode, then try to verify again. Note, however, that it is normal for a few files not to verify properly. As Steam says, "The files that fail to verify are local configuration files that should not be replaced as part of this process. You can safely ignore this message. If this still does not work, it's possible that some of Steam's files are corrupt and need to be restored.

To refresh your Steam files without losing your game content : Completely exit Steam.

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You can then try to verify your game again and see if the missing files are located. Your computer's Documents directory houses a folder named The Sims 3 inside a folder named Electronic Arts. A number of temporary files are stored there, and they can cause problems for your game if they are corrupt or infected. Inside SIgsCache , remove all.

Inside SavedSims , remove Downloadedsims. Inside IGACache , remove all files. Inside Thumbnails , find and delete all. Also, if there is a FeaturedItems folder, delete it entirely.