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The comedy of the movie is quite random at times and very often has nothing to do with the movie and its main story at all. I seriously don't mind this, since most of it really cracked me up. It however starts to become tiresome after a while, especially when it becomes apparent that the movie isn't going anywhere anymore with its story and is completely starting to loose focus after some time. There comes a point, about halfway through the movie, that it becomes too much of a drugs movie.

Seriously, every characters starts doing drugs well, only marijuana and only good things come from it, all the time.

Not that this movie is necessarily a pro-drugs movie though, it's just far too silly for that of course but in parts it's actually still advocating for legalizing and using marijuana but this movie is of course not the best way to do so and isn't exactly setting the right example for any youngsters out there, though Snoop himself will probably disagree with me on this.

The way I see it; every now and then Snoop Dogg decides to have some fun and call a couple of friends to make a movie with.

Nothing too fancy or expensive, just a simple movie to make, to pass some time with and to have a great and fun time while shooting. This for most part can be seen back on the screen, which is a positive thing to say, since it makes the movie a really fun one to watch at parts but the quality and money put into is all far too little to truly consider this a good enough movie, or even to take it serious enough as one. Snoop Dogg is actually also the reason why I sometimes watch these kind of movies.

I really like him as a person and actor and his personality and comedic style always makes me laugh and smile. He also definitely is being the highlight of this movie. Without him I would had most likely absolutely hated watching it. Not a good movie by any means but I at least still got some laughs out of it.

Thanks Snoop! Listen, everybody saying this movie is bad Some of ya obviously didn't put their ganja goggles on! It's free entertainment, so stop complaining. If you can;t appreciate that then you srsly need to chill anyway, it wasn't a bad movie! Zeus-ified 25 December This movie is the worst movie i have ever seen. Smoke from Hips? Are u serious?

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I am giving this movie 2 stars because of the soundtrack of this movie. The whole movie is on smoking. Smoking, smoking, smoking and only Smoking. I never liked smoking.

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Snopp Dogg and Wiz Khalifa u both are good Artist but why this movie? Another bad point is A ghost of smoke. Come on man! The Worst Movie ever. I suggest the director and producer to stop making movies and enjoy the other movies. There are bad movies but this movie is the worst movie ever. Get rich or die trying is also good. This movie is totally waste of time, energy, electricity.

This movie is terrible and caters to 13 year old pot-heads. Anyways, here's some reasons why i think it's awful: It's terribly unrealistic. Yes, most comedy movies are but this is unbearable.

Mac And Devin Go To High School HDHQ Full Movie Wiz Khalifa Snoop Dogg

With most comedies, there is a slight possibility that the things in depicted in the film are possible. First off, 15 years in high school? Yeah, okay.. Why couldn't you drop out? Someone blowing smoke in the form of a gun that shoots smoke across the room is stupid.

High School Wiz Khalifa Snoop Dogg Full Movie

Then the final scene where instead of a valedictorian giving a speech, he raps the most stupidest song which gives teens a reason to drink, smoke and have sex. Valediction status, amiright? Second on the list of crap: The effects. I am not a man of special effects but this was ridiculous. The smoking effects looked like someone made them on some off-the-shelf CGI program. Could they not afford movie pot? Was the budget spent on real pot and smoked in between takes? The tattoo scene with Devin getting tattoos is not only unneeded, but it looks like a photo of a hand and tattoo gun someone moved around various parts of Khalifa's body and then the tattoo appears.

Third: there were so many unnecessary parts. For example, a joint narrating the story.

Then at the end, gives a speech "informing" why pot is good for you. The scene with Devin getting tattoo's was god-awful and not important. This movie was made to sell a soundtrack. It caters to potheads and annoying horny guys. God dammit. How many reviewers here watched that movie sober? And the ones who watched it high and still didn't like, how sheepish you are to let IMDb scores dictate your enjoyment of a movie? That was my rant, it's over now, on with the review.

Why does this deserve 10 stars? Because it's perfect in it's own extremely niche genre. First of all, do listen to Slow Burn, the animated joint who introduces the movie. I don't wanna hear anything like "but relying on intoxication of your audience is baaaad you seeee because weed makes bad movies enjoyable". This is a stoner comedy, and even more so than other stoner comedies, this one is designed from A to Z to be enjoyed high as a kite from minute one. Think of it that way : it's not a bad movie who becomes good because you're high, it's a movie which is MADE with a stoner audience in mind, every little detail and joke caters to a high audience.

This movie was made expecting people to be high while watching it. As Slow Burn puts it : you don't play no baseball with no bat.


It's just not made to be played without a bat. There are better sports to play if you don't have a bat. It follows a rather classic story of huge nerd turning cool guy by way of crazy antics, with a weed twist. Wiz's performance is not award-worthy, but it's believable enough, and Snoop isn't even acting, he's just being Snoop Dogg, which works perfectly.

Contrary to some stoner movies like Half Baked, the characters really spend a lot of time smoking and being high, for your enjoyment remember you're high yourself. I repeat, there's really no point watching this movie if you aren't , and they explore a lot of ways to get high, promoting the use of vaporizers and edibles which are safer than smoking. Educational shorts all about weed pop regularly through the movie, and they're hilariously stupid but pretty accurate, and overall really enjoyable. Some might be uncomfortable with the rap slang though, be warned. The jokes in the movie follow the machine gun technique, which is making joke after joke on top of more jokes and visual or auditive gags.

They never let down, and they keep a constant quality through the movie. Don't expect smart jokes ; most are gags or sophomoric humor, but it's the point. Finally, the music is of course very good with those two artists as main cast. There's one music scene that's a bit too long in the movie, but my personal theory is that they made this scene long on purpose to allow people a breather. This is the "I'm going to the toilet and stop smoking for a minute" moment of the movie, and having watched it 6 times, I guarantee it's more than welcome.

It's Wiz and Snoop Dogg's rap, don't expect grandiose scores. I saw it 6 times with different friends each time and every single person absolutely loved it. It was not very funny. Snoop definitely is a hard-core stoner. That's why I watch the movie. Also for the rap music other than that I have no use for this movie.